Where does our money go?

Membership fees go toward funding two $1000 scholarships awarded yearly to female chiropractic students. Deadline is usually September 1.

Newest Board Members

WCWC welcomes our newest board members: Dr. Lindsay Browning - '13 Parker U - practicing in Vernon, TX and Dr. Jenny Mejia - Palmer FL - practicing in Florida.

2012 Woman of the Year

The 2012 WCWC Woman of the Year ----- Dr. Tracy Kennedy-Shanks from Australia.

Announcing our 2012 Scholarship winners

Lindsay Browning - Parker University

Announcing our 2012 Scholarship winners

Beverly Gooden - Parker University.

WCWC Board Members

2019 Board: President: Pending updates

2012 Scholarships

This picture is from the 2012 LV Parker seminar - these are the student attendees.

UPDATE: We had 8 students from 4 Chiropractic Colleges send in excellent applications. Please be ready for next year's scholarships due by September 1, 2013.
UPDATE: 2013 winners soon to be announced! 6 applications from 4 colleges with excellent stories!

2011 WCWC Seminar Grant Winners

Dr. Malinda Rasmussen

Carson City, NV

Dr. Jenny Mejia

Tampa, FL

2011 WCWC Student Scholarship Winners

Angie Recendez

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Julia Pinkerton

Life Chiropractic College West

2011 WCWC Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Dr. Janette Kurban as the recipient of the 2011 WCWC Woman of the Year!


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