Dr. Glenda Mejia Foy - A Long Chiropractic History

Dr Glenda Mejia [Foy] (IL) was a member of the WCWC since its inception three years prior to this seminar. (1977) She had been a moderator of these meetings, giving strength and leadership to the organization. It was "naturally right' therefore, that she received the first WCWC of the Year award at the 254th. Her award read:

"In that women are so constituted to have been endowed with some special innate gifts for compassion for a understanding and for ministering to the ills is a principle now paramount in the healing sciences t recognize these and other special attributes for the women doctors of chiropractic worldwide as well as their ongoing contributions of the chiropractic profession and especially to the sick and suffering who are fortunate enough to receive their ministrations is the purpose for this award and recognition presented by the Parker
Chiropractic Research Foundation, United States in America."

Dr Mejia [Foy] was also a Flight Captain, and had attended 22 seminars at that time with two GTO'S to her credit!

1994 Parker Photobiography
Page 377
Seminar #254 Right in the Middle of the World-38th Annual PCRF Homecoming
July 15-19, 1981 Hyatt Regency Hotel -Chicago, Illinois

We are honored to have this Flight Captain on our ship!!!!!