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Woman of the Year Award

Dr. Clare Morgan, Dallas, TX was awarded the WCWC Woman of the Year award at Parker Seminar in Las Vegas.

Scholarship application deadline

September 1, 2018 is the deadline for student scholarship applications. 

Please reference the information in the scholarship tab above for parameters, qualifications, etc.

Dallas Parker Seminar 2018

October 5-7, 2018

Join us for the WCWC breakfast at Parker Seminars!


Parker Las Vegas March 1-3, 2018


WCWC Luncheon in Las Vegas will be on Friday, March 1st, 12 - 1:30, the theme is "How Women in Chiropractic stay Parker fit,"


We will raffle off a portable adjusting table and a set of Yochum & Rowe books to raise money for student scholarships.


Come share your story and connect with dynamic women from around the globe!

Parker Seminars


Baltimore is this weekend.  See what is coming in October 2017, and January 2018

Parker Seminar - Dallas

October 14-16, 2015 - On Parker University Campus

Scholarship submission

Semptember 1 is the deadline for submission for the $500 WCWC scholarships.  Please see the eligibility guidelines and the application requirements in the Scholarship tab.

Parker Experience May 2016

Going on this weekend!

2015 WCWC Woman of the Year

Congratulations to Dr. Alicia Yochum as being chosen Woman of the Year!

Scholarship Winners

Name: Shaina Mae (Wheeler) Hickman
Chiropractic College: Life University
Current Tri / Semester: Quarter 4 Graduation Date: Winter 2018


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