WCWC 2014 Woman of the Year

Dr. Andrea Heikkinen McDonald - Texas.

Parker Seminar Las Vegas 2015

Here are some of the great ladies of the WCWC.

Dr. Glenda Foy, Dr. Jenny Mejia, Dr. Bonnie May, Dr. Bobbie Doscher, Dr. Joanna Wright

2014 WCWC Scholarship Winners

Holly Cunningham - student - Parker University

2014 WCWC Scholarship winners

Marina Mangano - student - Cleveland Chiropractic college.

Woman of the Year Award 2014

Here is a complete list of all of the winners of the coveted WCWC/Parker Woman DC of the Year award! How many do you know?
We are in the process of choosing our 2014 winner from our members. Check out our DC members and send in a nomination!

1982 Glenda Mejia-Foy

1983 Peggy Moore

1984 Joyce Kimble

1985 Beverly Vasconcellos

1986 Janis Kimble

1987 Pat Gayman

1988 Wendy Coren


Isn't life great.

Working together for a healthy world!

BJ Palmer


Dr. Glenda Mejia Foy - A Long Chiropractic History

Dr Glenda Mejia [Foy] (IL) was a member of the WCWC since its inception three years prior to this seminar. (1977) She had been a moderator of these meetings, giving strength and leadership to the organization. It was "naturally right' therefore, that she received the first WCWC of the Year award at the 254th. Her award read:


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